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Are You Leaving Canada? The Departure Tax Requirements for A Successful Exit

Moving abroad can be a complicated process. Perhaps you are a professional moving for work or a retiree looking for a warmer location; there are tax consequences if they choose to leave Canada permanently. Understanding the  penalties that may arise when terminating your Canadian tax residence can ease the process and reduce implications. Under Canada’s […]

Ways To Reduce or Eliminate the U.S. FIRPTA Withholding Tax

Tax Implications for Canadian Individuals Selling U.S. Real Property When it comes to selling property across the border, Canadian individuals should be aware of the tax implications. When a Canadian resident sells an income-producing property located within the United States, you will be subject to a non-resident withholding tax of either 10% or 15% of […]

My Personal Credit: Can It Affect My Ability To Get A Business Loan?

The reality of living in Canada is that you need good credit. Major purchases like a car or a house usually mean having to take out a loan or a mortgage. Renters normally have to provide their credit reports before a landlord will approve them as tenants. There are even some employers who require a […]