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Firstly, Elliott began working at Ernst & Young in 2007. He was a US tax specialist in the US Corporate Tax Services department. Secondly, The department provides corporate tax services. It also provides individual income tax services. Then, he worked in an Ottawa-based engineering company. So Elliott is an alumna of the Sprott School of Business from Carleton University. Indeed, This is where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. Therefore, He has a specialization in accounting and corporate finance.

Meanwhile, he volunteered for many school clubs. Afterward, he managed the U.S. corporate tax department Deloitte LLP. Eventually, he worked with U.S. – Canada cross-border transactions and tax services. In conclusion, on leaving the corporate firm life. Then Elliott has branched out on his own.

Why a Canadian Should Not Use an LLC for US Investing

Considering investing in US real estate as a Canadian? Watch our video by The Very Real Estate Effect and Elliott Milek to explore the key advantages and potential pitfalls of cross-border property investments. Learn about the pros and cons that will help you make informed decisions.

How to Scale your real estate portfolio in the US as a Canadian:

CAN-US tax founder Elliott Milek joins our partners, Mathieu Laquerre from U.S. Real Estate Investor Company and Thomas Lorini on this LIVE Webinar Replay session. In this episode, Thomas Lorini shares his experiences about how he has been able to grow his portfolio in the USA from California to Florida – and much more! Watch now!

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Investing in U.S. Real Estate:

Founder of CAN-US Tax, Elliot Milek, chats with Max Spence about U.S. Real Estate Tax as a Canadian investor. They also dive into the structuring of a corporation and the tax implications of owning real estate.

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Investing Across Borders:

Elliott Milek, founder of CAN-US Tax, accompanies Lauren Cohen to delve into cross border transactions and finding success in your North American investments.

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